Agent Provocateur
For a touch of class with your romantic gift

Originally started in London, Agent Provocateur has since expanded into the states, bringing all the style and class of UK lingerie to an American audience.  This shop provides everything from swimwear to sleepwear to items more intimate and exotic.  If you’re looking for a place to find something... Read More

For amazing Italian food and brilliant desserts

Run by an amazing husband-and-wife team, Bestia is a hip and happening downtown LA restaurant that puts together some of the best Italian food in the city.  Relax in the stylish ambiance and enjoy everything from exquisite pasta to gourmet pizza.  Once done with the main course, try some of their equally amazing desserts.  One night at Bestia and you’ll... Read More

Santouka Ramen
For a great and cheap meal of delicious ramen

They say the secret of making good ramen is all in the quality of the broth, and LA’s Santouka Ramen seems to have mastered that secret.  This hidden treasure of ramen-goodness is one of those restaurants that any lover of good food should try at least once.  Whether you’re looking for traditional ramen or prefer something else, all is... Read More

Café Beaujolais
Romantic French dining in Eagle Rock

To get a taste of some excellent French food without paying an arm-and-a-leg for it, take a trip to Eagle Rock and dine at Café Beaujolais one night.  This is a truly small restaurant, featuring just a few tables for you to eat at, but that makes it even more intimate.  It also means that you’ll need to be sure to make reservations.  But once you sit down to eat, the brilliant and tasty food... Read More

Best tacos in the city, hands down

It’s a small and simple place, Guisados, but it’s widely regarded as one of the best Mexican food places in the city.  In reality, people come here mainly for the tacos, but this restaurant takes their dedication to this classic menu item very seriously, so it’s easy to understand.  You can order up so many different types of tacos that you’ll never miss... Read More

Kang Hodong Baekjeong
Delicious Korean BBQ - is there anything better?

Anyone that’s been to a Korean BBQ knows that it’s one of the funnest ways to dine, cooking up your own food right in the middle of your table, just the way you like it.  With a long list of positive customer reviews, Kang Hodong Baekjeong seems to be everyone’s favorite in the LA area.  Sit down and order up what you want, drop it on the grill and devour it all as you go along.  For great... Read More

The Wellesbourne
One of LA’s hidden gems

The Wellesbourne is the ultimate experience in bringing together the atmosphere of a classic speakeasy with the joys of the modern bar.  The décor in this place is truly amazing, from the comfortable couches in their lounge to the rows of books in the library, but they still make room for a foosball table.  And, perhaps the best part, like any good... Read More

Seven Grand
A haven for whiskey lovers in downtown LA

Seven Grand is a great downtown LA whiskey bar that every lover of this drink should try at least once.  With a selection of whiskeys that includes many of the best from across the entire globe, you will find yourself in whiskey lover’s heaven.  Despite the elegance of this bar, it’s not a place for whiskey snobs to come and... Read More

Eagle Rock Brewery
The place for great beer in the LA area

Eagle Rock Brewery is a place for beer lovers, plain and simple.  If you want to try some truly amazing concoctions and spend a night appreciating the craftsmanship that people can put into a brew, this is definitely the place to do it.  Though they don’t serve meals there, the food trucks do make their regular rounds, so you don’t have to worry about... Read More

Next Door Lounge
One of LA’s top speakeasy drinking spots

For the ultimate in Los Angeles speakeasy experiences, take a night out and head down to The Next Door Lounge.  With a classic décor that brings the best of the Prohibition Era into the modern day, you’ll find yourself quickly immersed by the ambiance here.  And just like their predecessors, Next Door Lounge focuses on making sure... Read More