Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Safari
Explore the beauty of Uganda

Exploring the amazing landscape of Uganda’s BwindiImpenetrableForest is a journey that one should definitely take if looking for a unique adventure.  With its volcanoes, waterfalls and ancient forests, the region is just breathtaking.  Best of all,... Read More

Sailing Alaska’s Inside Passage
Explore the beauty of southern Alaska

Just in case you don’t know, the Inside Passage of Alaska is that region that rests right on the Canadian border, closest to the U.S. mainland.  It also happens to be one of the most amazing places to tour, whether you’re taking your own sailing boat or signing up for something a little more organized.  With a wealth of aquatic life and some truly breathtaking... Read More

Compartes Chocolatier
Sixty years of making award-winning chocolates

Located in western Los Angeles, Compartes Chocolatier is a wonderful shop that treats the creation of its treats like art.  With more than sixty years of operation behind the shop, you can be sure that everything is made to perfection by their highly skilled staff.  Compartes has such an excellent reputation, in fact, that it has attracted the... Read More

For beautiful arrangements on a larger scale

With more than thirty years of experience in the trade, the folks at Hollyflora have the skills to back up their stunning reputation.  This isn’t the kind of place where you’d order a small bouquet, however, as Hollyflora specializes in larger events and presentations.  But if you want to put together something really amazing for your loved one’s... Read More

Maya Jewelry
For something truly unique

If you’re looking for something different as a romantic gift, check out Maya Jewelry at one of their three locations in Los Angeles.  This jewelry store not only offers some amazing unique choices, they also have one of the largest selections of body jewelry in the region.  Homemade items, exotic imports and some truly interesting... Read More

John Kelly Chocolates
An award-winning chocolatier in Hollywood

Located in the middle of Hollywood, John Kelly Chocolates has, over the years, acquired a reputation for being one of the best at what they do.  Using their extensive knowledge of the craft, they manage to come up with new and interesting treats all the time.  This award-winning chocolatier sells their products all over the nation, so... Read More

Urban Florist
An LA florist that boasts top-notch reviews

Whether you’re looking for something specific or need a professional florist to craft something perfect for you, Urban Florist is ready to help.  With a long list of satisfied customers, you know that they have to be doing something right.  It’s easy to either stop by their Los Angeles location or, if you can’t make it, just order online... Read More

The Varnish
Downtown L.A.’s classy speakeasy

Located in downtown Los Angeles, The Varnish is a hip and classy bar for those that want to get away from the typical noisy bar scene.  Decorated with a note of speakeasy elegance, you’ll find yourself at home in this casual drinking establishment.  They pride themselves on both their friendly service and the skill of the bartenders and make... Read More

Drawing Room
Dim and dreary, this dive bar is still loads of fun

If you’re looking for one of the best dive bars in LA, look no further than The Drawing Room.  With cheap drinks and an atmosphere that contains not one window, you’ll quickly find you’ve wandered into a true dive.  This is a laid back place where you can just have a few drinks and not worry about the rest of the world.  And if you show up on football night, they even provide free pizza for... Read More

The Three Clubs
The classiest dive bar and music lounge you’ll find

Right in the heart of Hollywood is a hip cocktail lounge known as The Three Clubs.  Originally a place for the highbrow crowd to frequent, it has since become a hotspot for live music, talented DJs and even the occasional burlesque show.  If you’re looking for a fun night out with some great entertainment, The Three Clubs is the way to go... Read More