The Foxfire Room
A charming dive bar with a more mature atmosphere

Located in North Hollywood, The Foxfire Room is a great little neighborhood dive bar for those looking to avoid the typical Hollywood glitz and glamour while they drink.  The bartenders are your usual dive bar sort, serving up strong drinks for cheap prices.  The customers tend to be more locals than visitors and older rather... Read More

Big Wangs
Hot wings, cold beers and the game on the TV

For a great and casual drinking and eating experience, check out Big Wangs.  With several locations to choose from, it’s easy to find one nearby wherever you happen to be.  So named because of their much-renowned “wangs” (AKA wings), they may be a chain but they’re still one of the best sports bars for a relaxed night out.  They make sure that the drinks... Read More

The Short Stop
A great dive bar on Sunset Blvd.

If you’re looking for someplace relaxed to spend an evening drinking and meeting new people, The Short Stop on Sunset Blvd. is a great choice.  With cheap (yet strong) drinks, good music and a dance floor, you can’t go wrong.  You can show up during the week for a quieter and more intimate time or head down during the weekends and brave the standing-room-only crowds.  Either way, this neat... Read More

A beautiful Japanese-themed restaurant in Hollywood

For a unique dining experience, take a trip up to the Hollywood Hills and find a seat at Yamashiro.  This hilltop mansion in Japanese style is a beautiful place to bring a date and the food is a delicious Asian fusion prepared expertly.  You can sit back and enjoy the view while you eat and when you’re done go for a walk in their gardens.  Have... Read More

Eastside Luv Wine Bar
The perfect bar for lovers of LA’s eclectic culture

For a look at something a little different, check out the amazingly stylish Eastside Luv Wine Bar.  Though this bar is modeled to reflect the prominent Latino culture in LA, it carries a mix of influences that has something for everyone.  They feature cabaret and karaoke, even one night that focuses on Mariachi karaoke, and the atmosphere is friendly and... Read More

Casual fine dining for singles and couples

Located up near the border of Glendale, Canele is a restaurant that one might drive right by, unnoticing, unless you knew about it.  They serve up a fine selection of both French and American food with the occasional special to mix it up a bit.  For a first date, this is a slightly higher priced but deliciously sound option.  The atmosphere... Read More

Golden Gopher
A great and relaxed downtown LA hangout

If you are looking for a place to meet someone new but have problems with places that are either too pretentious or too divey, take a trip to the Golden Gopher in downtown LA.  This bar has a unique appeal that feels like someone took an old dive bar and completely remade it with a bit of elegance and class.  You can order cheap beers or the... Read More

The Goldeneye in Jamaica
Spend a week away on the Oracabessa Bay

The Goldeneye in Jamaica is not named as such for no reason at all, for this is the place where the legendary Ian Fleming first came up with the idea for a character named James Bond.  Since then, the property has been sold and converted to accommodate guests, but it always retains its intriguing past.  Located at the bay... Read More

Little Gasparilla Island, FL
Take some time away from the city at this private island

For couples that want to get away from everything, take a trip across the U.S., all the way to the southwestern coast of Florida and the tiny barrier island that is Little Gasparilla Island.  This private island offers the ultimate in seclusion, with no roads on the island or leading to it... Read More

Amangalla, Sri Lanka
Spend a romantic weekend in this beautiful port town

The island of Sri Lanka, off the southern coast of India, is a place of much culture and history.  The port of Galle is but one amazing city to visit and the Amangalla an excellent place to set up... Read More