Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa
One of California’s most popular weekend getaways

Just two hours west of Los Angeles, in the San BernardinoNational Forest, is the amazing and picturesque town of LakeArrowhead.  The Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa is but one way to experience this beautiful landscape, though it is one of the... Read More

Joshua Tree Inn
Spend some romantic time away, out in the desert

If you travel a couple of hours east from Los Angeles, out into the desert, you will eventually come upon the Joshua Tree Inn.  This quaint little inn is a perfect place for couples to spend some time away from the city, amidst the brilliance of the desert scenery.  They have a swimming pool there, so you can beat the heat if it gets to... Read More

Fess Parker Wine Country Inn & Spa, Los Olivos
Spend a romantic weekend in wine country

Just north and up the coast from Los Angeles, a little ways past Santa Barbara is the Fess Parker Wine Country Inn and Spa.  This beautiful boutique hotel is a perfect place for couples that want to relax and enjoy some of the best wine that the region has to offer.  Each trip to Fess Parker even comes with four... Read More

Kate’s Lazy Desert Airstream Motel, Landers
A no-extras weekend in the desert

For more adventurous couples that prefer uniqueness over luxury, there’s a great place just over two hours east of Los Angeles known as Kate’s Lazy Desert Airstream Motel.  The west coast equivalent of their New York location, this place was put together by one of the members of the B-52s and it... Read More

Lake Havasu City, AZ
Head out of California and enjoy this popular tourist spot

For couples that need some time away from the busy cities of California, there’s a place not too far away that could be just right for you.  Lake Havasu City is known far-and-wide as a popular tourist spot for those that want to enjoy some nature or boating.  It’s about five hours from Los Angeles, but well... Read More

Point Dume State Beach, Malibu
A scenic getaway for a day

Not too far out of Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful areas of the California coastline that you will likely ever see.  Point Dume State Beach, with its sands and cliffs and coves to explore, can be a great... Read More

A Gondola Ride in Long Beach
Pretend you’re in Venice for a day

Less than an hour south of Los Angeles, in the city of Long Beach, is a company that can give you the chance to do what you might normally only do in Venice, Italy.  Gondola Getaway is dedicated to providing gondola rides through the canals and other waterways of NaplesIsland... Read More

Visiting Catalina Island
Get out of the city and see the island

One of the most popular tourist spots around Los Angeles is Catalina Island, and there’s good reason for it.  This is a perfect place for couples to get away from the big city and enjoy some time doing activities in nature.  To get there, you can fly in or take a ferry, and once there, it’s just a matter of choosing what... Read More

Tour the Queen Mary
One of the coast’s most popular attractions and a great way to spend the day

Less than an hour out of Los Angeles, on the beaches of Long Beach lays the famous Queen Mary cruise liner.  Decommissioned for a long time now, this ship has since become a popular tourist destination.  Couples can enjoy exploring the ship, taking one of many tours, viewing the exhibits or, if you feel like staying longer,... Read More

Whale Watching in Newport Beach
Enjoy some time on the water viewing these wonders of nature

There are few things more amazing than having a whale break the surface of the ocean right next to you.  For those living in Los Angeles, this sort of experience is readily available, as the whale migration route runs right along the coast.  Taking a whale watching tour is a great way to spend some time with your loved one, building memories that will last a lifetime. ... Read More