Hotel Casa Del Mar
An LA hotel right on the beach makes for a romantic weekend

One of only two hotels in Los Angeles that has the distinction of being on the beach itself, the Hotel Casa Del Mar is a beautiful building that holds an equally classy and luxurious interior.  Everything one could desire in a romantic LA experience is available, whether it... Read More

W Hollywood
Stylish decadence and romance in the heart of Hollywood

The W Hollywood is a hotel that proudly displays a style that could only be found in Hollywood.  It is lavish and extraordinary and lends itself well to the couple that wishes a lively romantic vacation.  From the lobbies to the rooms themselves, there’s much to look at and enjoy at the W Hollywood.  Amenities include a... Read More

Hotel Bel-Air
The very definition of exclusivity for couples looking to make their trip memorable

The Hotel Bel-Air is a hugely popular, high-end hotel designed in Spanish mission style.  Located within the prestigious Bel-Air Estates neighborhood, this very exclusive accommodation is both beautiful and luxurious.  The interior of the hotel is like an artistic journey and every room is designed with themes from the past.  Couples can enjoy the... Read More

Figueroa Hotel
It’s hard to find something more romantic than this, even in Los Angeles

The Figueroa Hotel is an accommodation that looks as if it were made specifically to cater to couples looking for a romantic holiday.  The style of the hotel is perfect in mood and decoration with rooms, both public and private, that have a distinctively Arabian and Moroccan feel to them.  Well-known as a place where celebrities like to come and hang... Read More

The Redbury
A glamorous and modern hotel for those romantic Hollywood getaways

The Redbury hotel is situated at the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine.  This is the kind of hotel that one could only find in Hollywood and is, apparently, also popular with more than a few Hollywood stars.  The glamorous yet homey feel creates an atmosphere that is perfect for those couples looking for a more... Read More

Bothe-Napa Valley State Park
In the Napa area? Stop by the Bothe-Napa park for an adventure with your paramour.

Explore the farthest-in state group of redwood trees in California with your future girlfriend or boyfriend on a gorgeous California day. Did you know that this nearly 2,000 acre wood was nearly closed due to budget cuts just two years ago? The people of the area came together to petition its survival and they persevered. Keep this in mind when you begin a new relationship; this park may be a... Read More

Brannan Island State Recreation Area
Spot dolphins on the Rio Vista, then take a boat out for the day with someone special.

Why go to a stuffy restaurant or a theater where you can’t even speak when you can have an all-day date at Brannan Island State Recreation Area? Its mild climate and diverse array of wildlife make it a favorite spot among single nature lovers and couples alike. Pack up a picnic and some good wine and head on out together for a day of boating, swimming or windsailing—or schedule your own canoe... Read More

Burleigh H. Murray Ranch
Let the scent of eucalyptus enhance your date as you stroll through this valley.

Does your first date checklist include eucalyptus, an old time mill and plenty of wildlife sightings? Then Burleigh H. Murray Ranch is the park you seek. There’s even an old stone bridge created from Italian masonry techniques for you to enjoy, which makes a wonderful photo opportunity. Pose together or take turns making silly faces and gestures as you pass the camera back and forth. Lose... Read More

Burton Creek State Park
Get some fitness training in while you date your sweetie a la Rocky.

OK, so Rocky didn’t let Adrienne train with him, but maybe that was a mistake. Maybe he would have beaten Apollo without contest had he let her train with him. Take your girlfriend or boyfriend to be on an adventure through Burton Creek State Park as you hike or jog for fitness, connection and even training for a local marathon. You can also do some cross-country skiing at Burton Creek if you... Read More

Butano State Park
Spend a romantic day in an isolated canyon brimming with gorgeous redwood trees.

Though campsites and hiking trails make up the majority of the activities available at Butano State Park, the real attraction is the majestic redwood trees found throughout the canyon. Surround yourself with these wondrous gifts of nature as you discover one another, whispering secrets only the trees can overhear. You’ll want to pack a picnic, but keep the food light and sweet to match the... Read More