Casey's Irish Pub
A Downtown Irish pub

Love good Irish soda bread and Guiness stew? Take your date to Casey's Irish Pub. You can celebrate St. Patrick's Day with live music in style.

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The Tam O'Shanter
A casual pub in Atwater Village

Crazy for Yorkshire pudding? Take your date to Tam O'Shanter for St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy a beer and your favorite UK foods.

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The Irish Times Pub
An Irish dive bar in Palms

Prepping for St. Pat's? Take your date to the Irish Times Pub and Restaurant. You can enjoy Irish food, beer and music with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Molly Malone's
An Irish pub and music venue

Taking your date out in Beverly Grove? Try Molly Malone's in LA. It has one of the most authentic Irish vibes in the city.

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Fill Your Belly at an LA Food & Drink Celebration

For the foodies and drinkers out there, Los Angeles is a great place to be when it comes to finding special events where you can indulge your passions. Here are two coming up during the last few weeks of March that you may want to make into your next date night destination.

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Wilfit Sports Club
A gym and yoga center in Koreatown

Want to join a new sports club to get fit? Try Wilfit Sports Club. It's a high-end fitness gym and personal trainer center where you can meet new people and get fit.

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Fast Lean Fit
Fitness trainers in Koreatown

Need to get fit quick? Try Fast Lean Fit in Koreatown. Get an intense workout and meet new people.

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The Gym
A workout center in Sawtelle

Looking for a fun zumba program? How about a group fitness class where you can meet new people? Try The Gym in LA.

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Function 5 Fitness
A fitness training center in Los Angeles

Need nutritional planning? How about a personal trainer? Try Function 5 Fitness to get fit and meet new people.

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More Great Music in LA

For the music lovers out there, here are a couple of concerts coming up during the month of March that you might want to check out. Whether you’re a fan of the old or the new, there’s something going on that’s perfect for a date night.

Rosanne Cash - Fred Kavli Theatre - March 20th

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