Viva Low Carb
Get the ingredients for a yummy protein-based meal

Enjoying a low-carb lifestyle with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Maybe you're dating someone who eats low-carb. Either way, try Viva Low Carb for your next grocery shopping day.

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Dr. Robbin
Tasty Korean eats in Los Angeles

Going to Koreatown with your date? Hit Dr. Robbin for lunch. Enjoy pesto chicken, pumpkin soup and sugar-free gelato!

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Plancha Tacos
A taco joint in Beverly Grove

Love tacos, but you eat vegetarian or low-carb? It's no problem at Plancha Tacos. They have bean and cheese options, vegetables and even veggie shells.

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Fresh in the Box
A sushi bar in Culver City

Love to eat healthy sushi? Take your date to Fresh in the Box. Everything is organic and they even have low-carb rolls.

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February Comic Conventions for Geek-Centric Couples

The Los Angeles area is known for having a variety of amazing comic and movie conventions every year. If you and your significant other are into the scene, then make sure you don’t miss either of these two events taking place during the month of February.

Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention - The REEF - Feb 22... Read More

Pizza Studio
Build the pizza any way you want it

Love a lot of toppings? Take your date to Pizza Studio in University Park. You can get any toppings you want for under $8!

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Pellicola Pizzeria
Italian cuisine in Downtown Los Angeles

Need a quick bite while you're on a date? Take him or her to Pellicola Pizzeria. You can get pizza by the slice or take a whole pie with you on a date.

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Prime Pizza
Buttery, salty pizza and garlic knots

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend craving pizza? Take him or her to Prime Pizza. They have salads, pizza, garlic knots and soda.

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Tomato Pie Pizza Joint
Pizza in Melrose and Silver Lake

They deliver, but you can also take a date to eat at the cozy restaurant. Tomato Pie Pizza Joint has all the pizza and garlic knots you could ever want. Try the white sauce or olive oil on your pizza.

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Make Your Date Into Something Hilarious

Fun and laughter is the perfect combination when you’re trying to have an excellent date night. So the next time you’re making plans, plan on one of LA’s best comedy clubs to be your destination. One of the best-known spots for some top-notch comedy is the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. The level of funny at this place is off the scale, though tickets sell out quick so it’s best to pick up... Read More